Anointment Body Balm Bar - Lemongrass

Anointment Body Balm Bar - Lemongrass

SKU: ST040

Anoint yourself with these beautifully scented body lotion bars. They are available in 3 different scents, each with their own unique therapeutic benefits.  It can be used as an all over body moisturiser or on your pulse points as a sensual natural perfume. Yoga teachers may use the balm on their hands & hold 6 inches over the face during Shavasana to uplift students.


Eases body aches, menstrual flow & the digestive tract. Relieves headaches, anxiety, irritability & insomnia.
Safe to use whilst breastfeeding.
** Not advised to use during pregnancy.


The Shea butter & Coconut Oil is a skin superfood, it’s highly moisturising & nourishing with anti-inflammatory properties, containing the antioxidant vitamins A & E, also D, F, K & essential fats. Used effectively for collagen production & on wrinkles, scars, cellulite, stretch marks, sun damage, as a salve for elbows, winter dry spots & cracked heels.  It speeds up the healing of cuts, scrapes, burns & sunburn & can also be used for psoriasis & skin cancer.  The result is a soft, clearer, brighter, more supple skin.

Ingredients: Raw; Organic; Unbleached; Unrefined Shea Butter, Natural Beeswax, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Lemongrass