Meditation Set Protection From Negativity Crystal

Meditation Set Protection From Negativity Crystal

SKU: WW003

Protection From Negativity Crystal Wellness Set

Protects your aura, repels negative energies and environmental stressors & cleanses and transforms negative energy into positive vibrations

These crystals can be carried as pocket stones on the go; put in your place of work/healing or for meditation.

Each crystal has been hand-picked, cleansed and enriched with positive energy.

Your kit contains
1 x Black Tourmaline - Works like a sponge, soaking up all the negative energy that surrounds it. Prevents unwanted negative energy from entering your home, mind, body or spirit.
1 x Black Obsidian - Rather than deflecting negative energy away from you like other protection stones, Obsidian has the unique ability to transform
negative energy into positive vibes. It wards off fears, evil, and anxiety.
1 x Red Jasper - Has a powerful, fiery energy that is said to protect from misfortune, and represent vigorous faith to a cause or religion.
1 x Clear Quartz - Known as the master healer, it amplifies your energy as well as enhance the effect of other crystals to provide strong powers of protection against anyone who doesn't mean you well.
10 x Sandalwood Incense Cones

Crystals are a natural stone and therefore may vary in size and shape. This is a natural quality of the material, not a fault.

Use of crystals is a complementary therapy. Crystals are not to be used as a replacement for conventional medicine/treatment.